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Bio Hunde Hundefutter test vegan

Benovo ist eine der Hundefuttermarken, die ich persönlich schon am längsten kenne - zumindest namentlich. 

Auf der Benovo Homepage konnte ich herauslesen, dass es das Unternhemen tatsächlich schon seit 2005 gibt! 


Auch hier ein Auszug aus der Firmenphilosophie:

"Established in 2005, Benevo provides the most ethical alternative to commercial meat pet foods.

Benevo is an independent pet food company based in Hampshire in the UK, 100% veggie-owned, family business.

Our name ‘Benevo’, comes from the word ‘Benevolent’ which means ‘promoting the welfare and happiness of others’ and ‘to do good’.

On the Internet, there were a lot of sites similar to, including those registered in India, where you could order Provigil. My order arrived in less than a week. The package contained tablets that differ little from ordinary paracetamol. The drug allows me to increase my concentration and performance during the session.

Back in 2004, it became apparent to us the last meat in most veggie households was the meat their pets were eating. Many of those pets were rescue animals and so having rescued one animal, people found themselves with an ethical dilemma as they spooned out a less fortunate animal from a tin. For some, having to buy meat to feed a pet meant they had chosen not to have a pet at all.

Rather than campaign for change or beg the likes of Mars and Purina to listen, we believed, and still do, in providing real world alternatives to traditional meat pet foods ourselves. Replacing those essential nutrients found in meat with bio-available alternatives from non-animal sources. Working independently we could apply our knowledge and ethics without having to please shareholders. After a year of research and development we launched Benevo Dog and Benevo Cat as a solution to the ethical problem. Since then we have continued to invest, develop and pioneer meat-free pet food nutrition for the benefit of all animals with certified organic food, grain-free options and rawhide alternative treats to name but a few.

Our products are approved by the UK Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society. We are also PETA approved for not testing on animals and for two years running Benevo has achieved the highest level possible from the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Organisation Award of 100 out of 100. Also, the Ethical Consumer Magazine rate Benevo Dog Organic as the most ethical pet food with a score of 20/20."

Details zum Testfutter:

Die Dose enthält 395g.

Linsen (10%), Kartoffeln (5,5%), Kichererbsen (5,5%), Erbsen (4%), Karotten (4%), Sonnenblumenöl (4%), Leinöl (1%), Tomaten (1%), Topinambur (0,5%), Kräuter (Rosmarin, Petersilie, Oregano, Majoran, Minze (0,5%)), Algen (0,25%), Mineralstoffe01%

Ernährungsphysiologische Zusatzstoffe je kg:
Vitamin A (als Retinol) 3.500 I.E.
Vitamin D2 (als Ergocalciferol) 350 I.E.
Vitamin E 35mg
Zink (als Zinksulfat Monohydrat) 83,33 mg
Eisen (als Ferrosulfat Monohydrat) 66,66 mg
Kupfer (als Kupfersulfat Pentahydrat) 12 mg
Mangan (als Mangansulfat Monohydrat) 9,37 mg
Jod (als Trocken-Kalziumjodat) 0,78 mg
Selen (als Natriumselenit) 0,044 mg

Analytische Bestandteile:
Feuchtigkeit: 70%
Rohprotein: 6%
Rohfett: 5%
Rohfaser: 0,5%
Rohasche: 2%


Wie hat es Diana nun geschmeckt?


Ungefähr die Hälfte bis 3/4 des Futters hat Diana gegessen, den Rest jedoch stehen lassen, auch nachdem ich es ihr abends nochmal angeboten hätte.


Damit ist das Futter zwar essbar aber nocht als superlecker bewertet worden. 


Deine Erfahrung ist gefragt!

Hast du mit deinem Hund schon Erfahrungen zu diesem Futter? Wenn ja würde es mich wirklich brennend interessieren!

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